Best Telugu Movies on Amazon Prime of all Time

Best Telugu Movies on Amazon Prime Video: Since the Corona Pandemic have started in the country, Majority of people watching movies only on OTT platforms like Amazon, Netflix, Aha. Some Small Budget films with good stories are directly getting released on Amazon Prime. Here we have listed out the best telugu films you can watch it on Amazon Prime Video. Though dubbed movies are also there but we are giving you Telugu movies as if now.

Best Telugu Movies on Amazon Prime


1. 30 Rojullo Preminchadam Ela

Anchor Pradeep Machiraju and Amritha Aiyer played the lead roles. Its a love story of couple in 1947 and the present time. How they reborn and become united again is interesting and hearttouching. 

2. Vakeel Saab

Power Star Pawan Kalyan playing the lead role of an Advocate who uncompromisingly fights for justice. It is the remake of Bollowood film “Pink” starring Amitabachan there as Advocate.

3. Jathi Rathnalu

A Complete Comedy drama with Naveen Polishetty, Rahul Ramakrishna and Priyadarshi in lead characters. Story revolves around 3 friends who wants to get settle and move from their native village jogipeta to hyderabad.

4. Shukra

Shukra is a Fully crime-loaded movie starring Arvind Krishna and Sriitha Ghosh in lead roles. Story revolves around murders mystery that takes place in beautiful happy couple’s bungalow.

5. Rangasthalam

Mega Power Star RamcharanTej playing the lead role of character with impaired hearing. Its about He and his brother wants to end the tyrannical rule of village’s head.

6. KGF – Chapter 1

The movie which made a biggest block buster hit after Bahubali 2 starring Yash in main lead role. Story is about narration of story within film about RockBhai who is the biggest criminal of India and why Prime minister signed death warrant on him.

7. Ee Nagaraniki Emaindhi

Story revolves around 4 friends who have dream of settling in filmmaking but endup in other jobs. Tharun Bhasker directed this picture in Budjet 2 crore with blockbuster collections 10 crore

8. Antariksham

Though Antariksham being a Scientific fiction film didn’t make high collections in theatres, the screenplay, visuals, direction, story of this film is overall good. Varun Tej played the lead role with Aditi rao hydri in female lead.

9. Hit

Vishvaksen in the lead role of investigating Cop Played very well. A super crime thriller movie with twists and Suspence. Must watchable Picture.

10. Evaru

Evaru Movie starring Adive Sesh and Ragina Cassendra in main lead roles is a crime investigating picture. Its a blockbuster movie and one of best Telugu investigating thriller.

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