Best Telugu Horror Movies On Amazon Prime [Recently Updated]

Best Telugu Horror Movies On Amazon Prime:Horror some times entertains us in a different way. Many have questions that is really ghost are there, will spirit possesses other humans bodies, etc. Some Horror Stories are based on Real Incidents. Every one might experience some sort of fear relating to ghost. Here we have given you the best Telugu horror movies that are available on the Amazon Prime.

Best Telugu Horror Movies On Amazon Prime

Best Telugu Horror Movies On Amazon Prime

Sl.No Movie Name
1 Chitram Bhalare Vichitram
2 Naagavalli
3 Lisa
4 Jessi
5 Karthikeya
6 Prema katha Chitram 2
7 Yedu Chepala Kadha
8 Lakshmi Bomb
9 Sivaranjani
10 Bhaagamathie
11 Trivikraman

1.Chitram Bhalare Vichitram: Bhanu Prakash Balusu has directed this movie. Chandini, Manoj Nandam and Prabhas Seenu Played main lead roles. Story is about a Group of a People making Movie. Things go wrong when lead actress is Possesed by Ghost.

2. Naagavalli: Naagavalli is the Remake of Tamil Movie Chandramukhi. Venkatesh Plays the role of Psychiratris and Anushka as his friends wife. Venkatesh tries to send away ghost (Nagavalli)from Anushka’s body. P Vasu has directed this movie.

3. Lisa: Raju Viswanath has directed this movie. Anjali, Sam jones, Makarand Deshpande and Brahmanandam Played main lead roles in this movie.

4. Jessi: Ashima Narwal, Pavani Reddy and Sritha Chandana played main lead roles. Aswani kumar V has directed this movie.

5. Karthikeya: Nikhil Siddharth, Swati Reddy and Tanikella Bharani played main lead roles. Chandu Mondeti directed it.

6.  Prema Katha Chitram 2: Sumanth Ashwin, Nandita Swetha and Siddi Idnani Played main lead roles while Hari kishan has directed this movie.

7. Yedu Chepala Kadha: Abhishek Reddy, Meghana Chowdary, Ayesha Sing Played main lead roles while Sam J Chaitanya has directed it.

8. Lakshmi Bomb: Karthikeya Gopala Krishna Directed it while Lakshmi Manchu, Bahubali Prabhakar Played main lead roles.

9. Sivaranjani: Naaga Prabhakkar Directed this movie, while Rashmi Gautham, Dhanraj, Nandu and Nandini Rai Played main lead roles.

10. Bhaagamathie: Anushka shetty, Jayaram, Unni Mukunda and Asha Sarath Played main lead roles while G Ashok has directed it.

11. Trivikraman: CH Kranthi Kumar has directed this movie. Ravi Babu, Chanti Srinu and Dhanraj has played main lead roles in this film.

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