Best Telugu Horror Movies in Youtube

Best Telugu Horror Movies in Youtube: We all know Youtube is a free platform to watch most of the movies.there is2015 endless content available in youtube to watch.if you’re a fan of horror movies but you are tired of searching what to watch, i’m here to help you out.

Best Telugu Horror Movies in Youtube

This article is about the best telugu horror movies on Youtube.

Best Telugu Horror Movies in Youtube

1) Pisachi (2015)

Pisachi is a horror movie of 2015, available on youtube for free.

Starring: Naga, Prayaga Martin, Radha Ravi and others.

Director: Mysskin


Sidhharth(Naga) who’s is working as a violinist at one the film music director one day he tries to saves a girl who is fighting with her life but unfortunately she dies in sidharth’ s hand after that he disturbed a alot however the shocking twist arises in the story is bhavani soul enters into sidhharth flat and torturing him .

Finally, why she enters into siddharth house is the rest of the story

Pisachi is a well known film.. because it was a huge hit..and it is the new kind of horror film ever made..

A must watch horror movie on youtube..

2) Ezra (2017)

Ezra is a supernatural thriller of 2017 available on youtube.

Starring: Prithvi Raj Sukumaran, Priya Anand, Tovino Thomas

Director:Jay K


Ranjan Mathews (prithvi raj ) and Priya(Priya Anand) an urban couple have recently moved to kochi from Mumbai.

However,Ranjan Mathews work8s in a shipping company.where the couple stays in an old bungalow in kochi..

There they experience some ghosts and supernatural powers take over their lives.

Finally, how Ranjan solves the mystery forms the rest of the story.

3) the end (2014)

The end is telugu horror movie of 2014 available on youtube.

Starring:Sudheer Reddy Yuva Chandra, Pavani, Gazal Somaiah and others.

Director: Rahul Sankrityan


Rajeev Mathews(Sudheer Reddy) who works as software engineer lives in the former house with his wife Priya(Pavani Reddy), the former house located in the city outskirts.

However, when Rajeev’s friend Gautham returns from Goa, Rajeev gets hospitalised,and Rajeev tells Priya that Priya is owned by evil spirits.

However,Rajeev and Gautham went to the farm house to confront Priya but things turn different when accidentally Rajeev kills Priya.

Finally, How both get out of that horrific form house is the rest of the story

The End movie has interesting points to watch. Don’t miss it.

4) Mayuri (2015)

Mayuri is telugu horror film of 2015 available on youtube.

Starring: Nayanathara and others

Director: Ashwin Saravanan


Mayuri(Nayanathtara) who works as a junior artist in ad films and she has her own economical problems and she is a single mother too.however  When she decides to watch a horror  movie alone in theatre so the she gets 5lakh rupees, where the twist arises in the tale that the incidents in the film have resemblance to her real life.

Finally, what is the link between a movie and mayuri real life? What is her past? Who is maaya? Is the rest of the story.

Mayuri was the biggest hit when it was released and one of the best horror movies to watch. Don’t Miss it.

5) Lissa (2019)

Lisaa is a horror film of 2019 available on youtube.

Starring: Anjali, Makarand DeshPande,and others

Director: Raju Viswanath


LIssa(Anjali) who wants to settle in the US, but she worries about her single mother.where LIssa decides to get married once again but her mother refuses.

 However, left with no choice, Lissa goes to her grandparents’ village to convince her mother to get married but here things turn different when Lissa gets into trouble.

Finally, how does she come out of that problem? What are the troubles she faces? Is the rest of the story

Lissa’s movie offers a lot of surprising elements don’t miss it.

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