Battlegrounds Mobile India 2022: Registration, Website, Rules

Here are the latest updates of Battlegrounds Mobile India Registration, Release Date, website, Rules & More. With the ban of PUBG game in India, the company has lost a major source of revenue. In order to cash on this PUBG game craze in India many companies have launched similar type of games but not successful as expected. Now the PUBG  India is preparing to launch a mobile game under the name ‘Battlegrounds Mobile India’.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Registration, Release Date, Rules

PUBG fans who have been waiting for the launch of this Battlegrounds has a good news. In the month of June, PUBG is going to launch of its new game Battleground Mobile India while the game teaser will be released on May 31st. The exact date of the Battlegrounds Mobile India launch has not been announced, but the game is likely to be available in June. Before this the Battlegrounds Mobile India pre registration will start from 18th May, 2021.

Battlegrounds Mobile India: Registration, Release Date, Rules & More

Latest reports suggest that the “Battleground Mobile India” may be released anytime in June 2021. Also, the gamers opinion is that the entry for Battleground Mobile India is well timed well promoted when the ground is favorable to entertainment ad gaming industry when the audience preferring to stick at homes. PUBG Mobile India removed all its old videos from the India’s PUBG official YouTube channel and renamed to Battleground Mobile India, the channel still has over 2 Million subscribers. On the other side, the old website of PUBG Mobile India went offline while the new Battlegrounds Mobile India is came to live.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Game Highlights

Battlegrounds Mobile India will have the India-specific content that will reflect “local needs”, making the game more relatable to Indian players. Also, it will come with new costumes, characters that will be exclusive to India. Finally, the most important thing is that the game is now coming up with maximize data security for its players and adhere to the local regulations of India.

New Rules

The game publisher has now updated its terms & conditions adhere to the local regulations of India that includes the players to provide the phone numbers of their parents. Moreover, players under 18 years of age, will only be allowed to play the game for a maximum of 3 hours a day which is remarkable.

Battleground Mobile India Pre-registrations

Pre-registrations are likely to open from May 18 on Google Play Store. PUBG Mobile India was available on both Android and iOS. Therefore, if the company follows a similar trend, Battleground Mobile India will also be available on both platforms. Therefore, game experts hope that pre-registration will be available in both Android and iOS platforms.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Website Link

It is a well known thing that the game is to have Pre-Registration before its launch, the company also confirmed the same that the Battleground Mobile India Registration will go live from May 2021 and it will be limited to Indian regions only.

Website Link: Click Here

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