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Balagam Review: Big production companies are backing small films with new production companies, which is a good sign, and Ravi Teja has already started his new production house called RT Team Works and is producing small films. Now it’s time for ace producer Dil Raju, who started a production house called Dil Raju Productions and produced a series called ATM, which was directly released on Zee5, and now his second venture is Balagam.


Balagam has been in the headlines with unique promotions, and Dil Raju himself participated in the promotional activities. Together, they have successfully created a decent buzz and carrying with the buzz, the film has finally been released. Let’s jump into the in-depth review and find out whether the film is worth watching or not.



Balagam movie story is set in a village called Siricilla where an easy-go-lucky old man called Narsaiah( Sudhakar Reddy) dies all of a sudden and all the family members attend his last rites but their past ego issues raise up with this incident and his grandson Sai( Pridarshi) takes the responsibility behalf of his grandfather. What are those issues? will Sai reunites his family that needs to be seen in the film

Cast & Crew

Priyadarshi played the main lead, and Gangotri fame Baby Kavya played the female lead, Racha Ravi, Sudhakar Reddy, Jayaram, Muralidhar, and others in pivotal roles, Venu Tillu directed the film, Cinematography was handled by Acharya Venu, and the Music was composed by Bheems Cecireleo and the film is produced by Harshith Reddy and Harshitha under the banner of Dil Raju Productions.

Movie NameBalagam
DirectorVenu Tillu
Music DirectorBheems Cecireleo
ProducerHarshith Reddy and Harshitha
GenreVillage Drama
CastPriyadarshi, Baby Kavya, Racha Ravi, and others
CinematographyAcharya Venu

Movie Verdict

We see rooted films mostly in Tamil and Malayalam, but we haven’t seen many rooted films in Telugu. Telugu films are more into out-and-out commercials, but now things have changed, and Telugu filmmakers are trying to tell rooted stories. Balagam is one such film that tells the story of Telangana culture and the Telangana people. First has the right amount of comedy and drama with a perfect Telangana dialect that makes us travel with the characters, though the plot of Balagam is wafer-thin. but the realistic characters stay with you.

The second half follows the same treatment as the first, but it is more into drama, and the emotions land well; however, the pace of the film falls flat here and there in the second half. If the comedy could be added a bit more, then the film would have been much more engaging. Despite the few loose ends, the film has all the elements that will connect all sections of audiences.

Priyadarshi is a brilliant actor; we have known him as a comedian before Mallesham, but he proved that he is a good actor too, and now he showed his mettle in acting in this film. Baby Kavya has good screen time, but she does a passable job, and Racha Ravi, as usual, makes us chuckle for a while. The rest of the cast did their best as per the story requirements.

Venu Tillu, comedian turns director has chosen a relatable subject and he presented it quite well. Technically, Balagam is good; though the entire film was shot in Sirisilla village, Acharya Venu captured the beautiful locations and used mostly natural lighting, which made the film look so real; Bheems Cecireleo has given soulful songs; the placement of the songs in the film is quite good; and his background score is okay.

Overall, Balagam is a rooted Telangana story that can be watchable by all sections of audiences.

Plus Points:

  • Screenplay
  • Performances
  • Dialogues

Minus Points:

  • Simple PLot
  • Predictable Narration

Rating: 2.75/5

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