A robust PR team is essential for Megastar Chiranjeevi

We have seen the growth of Tollywood Industry from the past few years. Many years ago, the films used to have a great run at the box office. For example, the movies earlier used to run for a year or complete 100 days in many theatres. But right now, the trend is different, many movies are coming back to the OTT platforms after 45 days or within 30 days only.

A robust PR team is essential for Megastar Chiranjeevi

The latest trend in the Tollywood is now the re-release of the old movies in 4K versions. The promotional work of the movies has also become different. Earlier all songs used to be released on the audio function date, but now lyrical videos are coming out first. Right now the superstars have strong PR teams, like they promote the movies and the actor in a better way and create buzz about the movie on social movie.

Now when we look at Megastar Chiranjeevi, we think that he needs a very strong PR team. Because his latest movie Bhola Shankar didn’t have any buzz on the social media at all. That’s why it turned out to be a disaster at the box office.

Right now Chiranjeevi needs new and original scripts from young and talented directors and a strong PR team supporting this and spreading this message on Social media. Then fans will feel relieved that at least Chiranjeevi is choosing the original movies instead of remakes.

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