777 Charlie First Review

777 Charlie First Review: Rakshit Shetty’s much-awaited film 777 Charlie is all set to release on June 10, 2022, as it sets up humongous expectations with the trailer everyone got emotional with the trailer because of the human and animal emotional bonding, However, makers have already premiered the film in multiple cities, and now 777 Charlie’s first review is out from the USA, so without any delay lets get to delve into the review.

777 Charlie First Review

The film depicts the story of a lonely man called Dharma who has no purpose live but his life drastically changed when a dog called Charlie enters his life. However, the film’s major asset is Charlie and director Kiranraj K written so well as there lot of beautiful scenes which will melt your heart, the film starts off slowly as the director took time to establish the man characters so that audience can start traveling with the protagonist and that worked out quite well.

The first half went with the nice comedy of Dharma and Charlie later second half focused more into emotion, where Dharma fell in love with Charlie, they start exploring life, and those sequences were captured so well and Nobin Paul’s background score took those scenes to the next level.

The second half feels like little bit overstretched and we can see some repeated scenes of Dharma and Charlie that seem a quite drawback in the film but I’m sure the audience will don’t care once they connect to the characters and story and 777 charlie has so many moments that will make you emotional even if your not pet lover and kudos to the director Kiranraj K for bringing this emotional drama on screens.

Coming to performances, I must say 777 Charlie is a one-man show as Rakhit Shetty as Dharma nailed it, this character has various layers and effortlessly pulled it off, and of course another show-stealer Charlie, she is just fantastic, as is not at all easy to make a film with animal and when it comes to conveying emotion on-screen that animal should understand and I still wonder how guys made it as there are lots of scenes she performed and emoted emotions so well and kudos the Charlie trainer and 777 Charlie team and technically have done brilliant job especially the cinematography and background score are the backbone of the film.

777 Charlie is a must-watch emotional drama, and the film will surely make you emotional.

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