1996 Dharmapuri Movie Review & Ratings

1996 Dharmapuri Movie Review: Ace choreographer in the Telugu film industry Shekar Master turned as a producer of the film called 1996 Dharmapuri. being a producer is not an easy job, as a producer must take care of the film promotions because the promotions will take the film to audiences, however, Shekar Master promoted the film quite well, his Jabardast friends and Naga Babu also promoted the film as much as they can, finally, the has released in the theaters today April 22, 2022. without any delay, let’s see whether this film is worth watching or not.

1996 Dharmapuri Movie Review



The story is set in 1996 in Dharmapuri, where Suri(Gana Vihari) who is a carefree guy who helps his father in his farming, one day he fell in love with Nagamalli(Aparna Devi). however, initially, she rejects his love, after a while she accepts and everything seems smooth, but her father Patel belongs to the upper cast and he gets to know about their love, things take a different turn when her father tries to kill Suri, and the twist arises in the tale that Nagamalli becomes violent and decided to kill her father. Finally, will they be together or not, to know that you need to watch the film.

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1996 Dharmapuri  Cast & Crew

1996 Dharmapuri starring Gagan Vihari, Aparna Devi played as the main lead and also featured Naga Mahesh, Shaker Kalyan, Janardhan, and others, written and directed by Jagath, while the cinematography has done by Krishna Prasad, Music composed by Osho Venkat and produced by Bhaskar Yadav Dasari.

MovieName 1996 Dharmapuri 
Cast Leads Gagan Vihari, Aparna Devi, Naga Mahesh, Shaker Kalyan, Janardhan and others.
Director Jagath
Producer Bhaskar Yadav Dasari
Written by Jagath
Music Osho Venkat
DOP Krishna Prasad

Movie Verdict

We have seen a lot of films with the backdrop of Cast, honor killing, this film also comes in that category, the film doesn’t offer you a fresh story at all, but the audience might engage because of the rural backdrop and love story. 

Makers have said during the promotions that this film will definitely connect you, but this is not for all kinds of audiences, film starts off well and the love scenes were well designed but the backdrop of the film didn’t land well.

Gagan Vihari as Suri has done justice to his character, and we should appreciate the heroine Aparna Devi as Nagamalli, she is from Kerala, but as a Nagamalli with Telangana dialect she effortlessly pulled it off, and the rest of the casts are just okay.

Director Jagath failed to impress the audience as the story itself is not fresh, but, love scenes he designed well.

The cinematography was not up to the mark as the film was set in a village and Krishna Prasad used over-saturated colors which were not impressive at all. Osho Venkat’s music is the backbone of the film, he manages a lot of scenes with his background music.

Finally, 1996 Dharmapuri is a one-time watch film, for those who love rural backdrop films with pakka commercial elements this film is for them.

Movie Rating: 2.5/ 5

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